Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm Giving Away Twenty Books

It's here!  My giveaway, which is part of the Great Book Giveaway Bonanza, has begun!  Please go to this page to find links to all the other blogs that are also hosting book giveaways right now.  Enter as many as you like!

Please note!  You DO NOT have to be hosting a giveaway yourself to be eligible to win books from me here.  I will give you an extra entry if you are part of the GBGB, but that's NOT the only way to enter.

Once again, I'm giving away twenty books.  How do I end up with all these extra books?  Sigh.

(You're going to count those books and point out that there are only 19 books pictured, and I just said 20 books.  I've added one since I took the photo.)

Like last year, I'm breaking them up by genre, since I know people who like poetry might not like mysteries, and so on.  You can enter as many or as few of the giveaways as you want.  I'll be drawing one name per book, but obviously some people might win more than one book.  Also, if you choose to blog about this giveaway and/or the GBGB to earn extra entries, you can just blog about it once -- that counts just fine for multiple giveaways.  You don't have to post six different times if you want to enter all six giveaways :-)

This IS open world-wide!

This giveaway runs through Wednesday, June 24th.  I'll draw the winners on Thursday, June 25th.  PLEASE be sure you provide a CURRENT email address to the Rafflecopter widgets so that if you win and I email you to ask for your mailing address, you get the message.  Any winner who does not respond within one week (by Thursday, July 2nd) will be disqualified, and I will pick a new winner.  

Be aware that all these books are USED, except the blank books, and some of them do have things written in them.  Again, all the blank books are NEW and have nothing written in them.  If I've reviewed a book on my blog, I'll link its title to my review so you know what I thought of it.

Enough.  Here are the books.


Fear is the Key by Alistair MacLean -- paperback in nice condition.  My favorite Alistair MacLean book, all about underwater treasure and assassins and someone avenging murders.  Probably contains some mild bad language.

Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian -- trade paperback in lovely condition.  First book in a series that I adore and hope to reread next year.  Warning:  they do have some language and allusions to adult situations, though nothing dreadful.

Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean -- paperback in nice condition.  My second-favorite Alistair MacLean book, such a rollicking good time, all about WWII, with Allied spies trying to stop Nazis from getting info about D-Day.  (There's a delicious movie version too, with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton, which I greatly enjoy.)  Also probably contains some mild bad language, and a little innuendo IIRC.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blank Books

1 smallish blank book with rainbow-y stripes.  Paperback, ruled pages.  5 1/2" tall and 4" wide.

1 medium blank book with genuine leather cover.  Ruled pages.  7" tall and 5" wide.

1 larger blank book with "Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet." on the cover.  Paperback, ruled pages.  8 1/2" tall and 6" wide.


The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson -- paperback, somewhat worn.  Rousing good story of knights and derring-do, etc.

Damon Runyon Favorites -- paperback, quite worn.  I love Runyon's quirky style, and I discovered recently that I have two copies of this book, just with different covers.  This was published in 1945 and says it is "a wartime book" and published in compliance with government mandates about paper usage.  Don't know who Damon Runyon is?  The musical Guys and Dolls is based on one of his stories.

Dear Enemy by Jean Webster -- trade paperback, some worn edges.  This is the sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs, but I haven't read it yet.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell -- trade paperback, somewhat worn.  Romance, class conflict, friends, families -- this book has it all :-)  NOT about the American Civil War, in case you didn't know.  This is what the Richard Armitage BBC miniseries is based on, and it's magnificent.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


And be a Villain by Rex Stout -- paperback, pretty nice condition.  One of the Nero Wolfe mysteries I love so much.  This one is about a radio talk show guest who dies while on the air, and of course Wolfe gets called in to solve the case.

Friday the Rabbi Slept Late by Harry Kemelman -- paperback, has a few marks inside and a scuffed up cover.  This is the first of the Rabbi Small mysteries, published in the 1960s, which I've read I think 3 of, and which are about a Jewish rabbi who solves crimes.

In the Teeth of the Evidence by Dorothy L. Sayers -- paperback, nice condition.  I haven't read this particular book, but it's a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery, and those are always amusing and entertaining.

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer -- hardcover, with a dust jacket, and my book plate in the inside cover.  Wonderful Sherlock Holmes pastiche, one of the best, all about Holmes' cocaine addiction and how he overcomes it with the help of none other than Sigmund Freud.

The West End Horror by Nicholas Meyer -- hardcover, ex-library book with attendant markings.  A sequel to The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, and also good, though I don't like it nearly so well as TSPCS.  This one involves Jack the Ripper, as I recall, though I haven't read it for several years.

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Paradise Lost:  Books I and II by Milton -- hardcover, ex-library book, with attendant stickers and markings.  Old!  The copyright for this edition is 1898.

The Selected Poetry of Keats -- paperback, from 1966, in fairly nice condition.

The Sonnets:  Poems of Love by William Shakespeare -- hardcover, with dust jacket that shows some wear.  Pages are beautifully clean.

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Gunfighters of the Old West -- hardcover, quite large, part of a Time-Life series.  Wonderful non-fiction account of what real gunfighters were like, from the Gunfight at the OK Corral to the Daltons to the James brothers, and on.  Filled with photos and paintings, and completely awesome.  I've been collecting this series as I find them, and accidentally got two of this one.  If you like learning about the Old West, I can't recommend this highly enough.

The Virginian by Owen Wister -- hardcover, ex-library book, with attendant markings.  Often considered the first true western novel, written by a friend of President Teddy Roosevelt, and so delightful.  All about a young woman who goes west to teach school and falls for a ranch foreman, and so on.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All right, let's do this!


  1. Goodness, Hamlette, you are too good! TWENTY BOOKS.
    I'm so sorry I cannot actually be part of the great giveaway (the cost is too pricey for me, especially as I would want to be able to ship to USA, which is where more of my bloggy friends life) but I'm delighted that I'm still allowed to enter.

    Blank Books - I LOVE blank books dearly. :-)
    1st choice would be the leather-covered blank book (I would be *so* thrilled to get that one. ;-P) and the 2ond choice would be the cute rainbow-striped blank book.

    1. For classics, my first choice would be 'Dear Enemy' and my second 'Damon Runyon Favorites.' :-)

    2. Blank books are just awesome things! :D

  2. Twenty books! I am impressed. I'm so sorry I'm going to be gone so much of June-otherwise I would have loved to join in hosting this giveaway. I did have one question-could I still enter in your giveaway even though I'm not hosting one?

    1. CGrace, of course you can still enter! I did set it up so people hosting giveaways can get an extra entry, but you can still enter regardless.

    2. Sheesh. Just read the post again and realized that you already mentioned this in your post. Need to work on my reading for comprehension, huh? :)

    3. CGrace, this post does have a *lot* of info in it, so I'm not shocked you missed one small paragraph :-)

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I'm so excited for this!

    Wow, twenty books! *Emma's head starts spinning in delight*

    Like Naomi, I ADORE blank books! I go through them like crazy. I'm really liking the looks of the brown one. My second choice'd be the striped one.

    For classics, my first choice would be North and South (I've never read it!), and my second would be Dear Enemy.

    And here we come to the really good part....WESTERNS!!!! I'm squealing in delight. I reaaalllly want The Virginian. Do I get extra entries if I can quote it? "When you call me that, smile. That way I'll know we're still friends." :-D And the Gunfighters book looks totally awesome as well.

    Wow, thanks so much for hosting this! I'm really excited. :-D


    P.S. Do you need my email address again, or do you still have it?

    1. Emma, the Rafflecopter provides me with the email address you used to sign into it with, which is one of the things I like best about it -- nobody else ever sees people's email addresses, they're never available publicly.

      My favorite line from The Virginian has always been, "Stand on your laigs, you pole cat, and tell 'em you're a liar!" For some reason, that makes me bounce with joy.

    2. Hm, that's funny, I didn't sign into it, but still it worked. Yeah, that is really nice.

    3. Emma, if you've used Rafflecopter before, it'll remember you.

  4. This is really great of you ... I wish I could participate, but 1) don't know that I have money for the postage and 2) Our books are in a mess due to the move ... ah, me. I hate moving.

    Blank Books: Anything but the rainbow-striped one.
    Mysteries: Rex Stout first, West-End Horror second.

    And thanks!

    1. Janet, moving is the worst! Chaos for months. Hope your life gets back to normal soon :-)

  5. Oh!!! This is so much fun!! Thank you!!
    Adventure: Master and commander or Fear is the Key
    Blank: The leather book or the Shakespeare one
    Classics: North and South or the Black Arrow
    Poetry: Milton's Paradise Lost. I love that book! My second choice would be Keats
    Westerns: either, I'm not fussed.
    Thank you again!!!

  6. This is so, so generous, Hamlette! I only entered the Western giveaway, & my first choice in that section would be The Virginian -- which sounds EXCELLENT. Thank you for this! x

  7. Oh! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!
    Poetry: I'd be most interested in the Sonnets, and then either of the others for second.
    By the way, I enjoyed following the Little Women read along, I was swamped with studies for most of it, so I didn't join, but it was fun just to observe.
    Thanks again for doing this! :)

    1. Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed the Little Women read-along! I thought it was a lot of fun, myself :-)

  8. This is awesome, Hamlette--thanks so much for doing it!!! I entered the classics section--where my first choice would be North and South--and the poetry section--where my first choice would be Keats.

    So exciting! Books are great :)

  9. Okay, at least I THINK I entered both sections. I know I did the classics one, and I'm not sure if the thing got the message for the poetry one. (Sorry, I've never done one of these before :) )

  10. Ah, this looks epic! :) I wish shipping rates weren't so awfully high, especially since I gave away a bunch of books while I was packing up my library (book that would've been perfect for a giveaway of my own), but I am going to enter at least one or two. :)

    Adventure books: #1 - Where Eagles Dare, #2 - Master & Commander
    Blank books: #1 - Shakespeare, #2 - leather
    Classics: #1 - N&S, #2 - Dear Enemy
    Westerns: The Virginian :)

  11. To echo everyone else, this is fantastic, Hamlette. I salute you!:D

    For the blank category: the rainbow or the Shakespeare one, but I like both about equally:)

    For the poetry category, my first choice would be the Keats one, and my second the Shakespeare.

  12. oh books. lovveelllyy! I would really love North and South. We simply love the movie! <3
    oh goodness, oh goodess!!! I totally need the "The Selected Poetry of Keats" we just watched the most wonderful movie about him!!
    I would loveee that leather journal! Could you perhaps tell me where you got it? ;)
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! I always love books. ;)

    1. Sarah Margaret, what movie did you watch about Keats? I'm intrigued.

      The leather journal... I don't even remember where I got it. I must confess that I am addicted to journals, and I had 9 waiting to get used, so I decided to pare that down a bit and give some away here. I've had that one for several years -- at least 5 -- and I don't know where I got it anymore. Which means I know it wasn't a gift, as I would remember that and probably have inscribed it so I'd remember for sure who gave it to me.

      Nice to "meet" you!

    2. It is called "Bright Star" it's a newer movie. We just watched it a few nights ago. It was a little sad..other than a few inappropriate things it was a wonderful movie! :D

      lol. I have three at the moment..anything with paper I must have it. ;)

      Nice to "meet" you as well! I followed. <3

    3. Sarah Margaret, that sounds intriguing! I'll have to look for it at the library. Thanks! I look forward to getting to know you better here in the future :-)

  13. Shakespeare, then leather. :)

  14. In Blank, I'd love the leather notebook. I've been looking for one like that for a while. Second choice would be the Shakespeare tweet notebook.

    In Classics, definitely North and South. That book is absolutely amazing, and I haven't been able to procure a copy yet. Dear Enemy would probably be my second choice.

    And in poetry, Shakespeare's Sonnets. :)

    Thanks, Hamlette!

  15. 1 choice would be the rainbow striped blank book.
    2 choice would be the leather covered one.

  16. I'd to win the western group.

  17. Well I'm entering for the blank books! I am sadly lacking in notebooks. My first choice would be the "Shakespeare Never Tweeted a Sonnet" notebook and my second choice would be the rainbow striped one. :) Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  18. I'm so impressed with how many books you are giving away! Great books too!
    Adventure- 1) Master and Commander, 2) Fear is the Key
    Blank books- 1) Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet, 2) Leather book
    Classics (this is a hard choice!)- 1) North and South, 2) The Black Arrow
    Mysteries- 1) In the Teeth of the Evidence, 2) And be a Villain
    Poetry (normally I'd go with shakespeare but I recently got all of his sonnets)- 1) Paradise Lost, 2) The Selected Poetry of Keats
    Westerns (I already have The Virginian.... haven't read it yet though)- 1) Gunfighters of the old West

  19. oh, what a lot of books!
    For the classics section, my first choice would be North and South, followed very closely by Dear Enemy

  20. Wow! So many lovely books!
    My first choice would be North & South. :-)

  21. Oh I would love those blank books..leather or Shakespeare one. Out of the mysteries, And Be a Villian and Friday the Rabbi Slept Here...thanks for the giveaways!

  22. Squee!! You have a lot that I'd love to win! :)
    Okay, I'll list my favorites...
    Out of the blank books I'd love the leather notebook or the Shakespeare one.
    For the classics I would definitely pick North and South first, but I also really want Dear Enemy.
    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway, Hamlette! :D

  23. For the blank books my first choice would be the leather one and my second would be the striped one.
    For the mystery I would say And be a villain and Seven-Per-Cent Solution.
    For the classic I would say The black arrow and North and South.
    Thank you for this give away!!


  24. Wow! This is a huge and fabulous giveaway!
    For the blank books the one I like best is the Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet one (or the leather one)
    In Classics, the Damon Runyon collection sounds really cool,
    and in Poetry, either the collection of Keats or Shakespeare's sonnets.
    Thanks for this incredible giveaway!

  25. So exciting! And so many books!
    In the adventures my first choice is Where Eagles Dare followed by Master and Commander.
    In the Poetry I would love to have the poems by Keats or Paradise Lost.
    Thank you for hosting this, it is great fun!

  26. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Adventure:Fear in the Key
    Blank Books: The leather one
    Classics: The Black Arrow
    Mystery: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
    Poetry: The selected Poetry of Keats
    Westerns: The Virginian

  27. Thank YOU SO much for this! :D
    Ooooooh blank books!
    Leather and then the Rainbow :-D Hopefully and North and South for the classics :D
    They are just the best things ever!

  28. Wow! I think I just died in perfect bliss. So many books. I entered the mysteries section, where my first choice would be 'The-seven-per-cent solution' and my second choice would be 'The West End Horror'
    Then for the poetry, 1st choice would be 'Paradise Lost', and 2nd, 'The selected Poems of Keats'.
    Blank books - 1st choice 'Shakespeare', and second choice the leather bound.

  29. Totally the leather journal! Or North and South! I love them both! :D

  30. Of the blank books, my first choice is "Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet" (brilliant, by the way); second choice is the leather-bound one. And can I say, bravo?! Nice selection! I decided to whittle mine down to six because they were all classics, and I thought it might be fun to have a theme going.

    1. The Black Arrow is the only classic I'm really interested in right now.

    2. In mysteries, my first choice is Friday the Rabbi Slept Late, and my second choice is The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

    3. In poetry, Paradise Lost is my first choice (because I don't have a complete copy, just pieces) and second choice is, of course, Keats. I have several copies of Shakespeare's sonnets already. :)

    4. That's it for me--no adventures or westerns, but you always have the best choices for giveaways! And thanks for hosting this for everyone--such a fun idea!

  31. How Fun! I would love to have the leather journal, North&South and/or The Virginian :)

  32. Out of the Classics I would LOVE to have North & South, it's one of my present favourites!!

  33. What a fabulous giveaway! :)

    Blank books- first choice is Shakespeare, second the leather journal
    Classics- North and South, second Dear Enemy
    Mysteries- In the Teeth of the Evidence, second The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
    Poetry- The Sonnets: Poems of Love , second Keats

  34. In the blank books I would love the leather one, then the Shakespeare.

  35. Great giveaway!
    I love collecting blank books. My first choice would be the larger book with the Shakespeare quote, second would be the striped one.

    For classics, my first choice would be North & south, I loved the BBC adaptation! My second choice would be Dear Enemy.

  36. Wow!
    Blank books: The leather one, then the rain bow one.
    Poetry: Paradise Lost
    Western: Gunfighters of the Old West

  37. By the way, all of y'all who love classics, the giveaway at Reading in the Dark is live now, and she's giving away SIX excellent classics!

  38. This is a lot of books!
    Westerns: I would like The Virginian because it sounds interesting, and I live in Virginia!
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  39. I about forgot I was supposed to comment! Oops. But my 1st choice is: Dear Enemy and my 2nd choice is: North and South (of course ;)

    Thanks! This is so much fun. I'd give you a cookie if I could for thinking this awesome bonanza up! :D

    1. ::Raises one eyebrow:: What kind of cookie?


  40. Where eagles dare. Or fear is the key

    1. And for journals
      1# striped
      2# leather

  41. what a fantastic giveaway!! thankyou so much!
    i have posted about this on my blog.
    For the journals i have entered twice: for the striped and the leather.
    For the classics i would love North and South!

  42. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'll be posting mine soon, prayerfully!!!!
    My first chic for the blank books would be the striped and second, the leather.
    For the Classics my first choice would be The Black Arrow and second, North and South.
    Thank you! God bless!

  43. Cool giveaway! :)
    Okay so mystery my first and second choices are: 1# 'Friday the Rabbi Slept Late' and 2# 'In the Teeth of the Evidence'
    And in classics my first and second choices are: 1# 'North and South' and 2# 'Damon Runyon Favorites'
    And last but not least, adventure: 1# 'Fear is the Key' and then 2# 'Where Eagles Dare'

    Thank you for hosting this, Hamlette!

  44. Blank books : 1. Leather cover, 2. Shakespeare never ...
    Classics : 1. North and South, 2. Damon Runyon Favorites
    Mysteries : 1. In the Teeth of the Evidence, 2. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
    Poetry : 1. Keats, 2. Paradise Lost

    Thanks, Hamlette, this is awesome!

  45. This is so awesome!

    Blank books!! :-) My first choice would be the brown one, then the striped. For westerns, I'd love to win the Virginian! Second choice would be the gunfighter book, of course.

    Thanks so much for giving away all these great books! :-)

  46. Yay! In Classics, I'd like The Black Arrow (1) or Dear Enemy (2)!
    For Mysteries, I'd like In the Teeth of the Evidence (1) and On Friday the Rabbi Slept Late (2)
    In blank books, I'd like (1) the Shakespeare one and (2) the leather one!
    Thanks so much!

  47. Adventure: Fear is the Key by Alistair MacLean
    Blank: Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet
    Classics: The Black Arrow
    Mysteries: The West End Horror
    Poetry: The Selected Poetry of Keats
    Westerns: The Virginian by Owen Wister


  48. Thanks so much!! I'm entering two -- and if I don't draw for either of these I'm not particularly interested in the other titles (i.e. I already own them or something, etc.) so feel free to draw again for someone who would desperately like them. ;)

    Mysteries: In the Teeth of the Evidence by Sayers

    Westerns: I NEED The Gunfighters of the Old West!!!!! As in need need NEED it for research!!!!!! ;P (Okay, if someone else gets it there's still always Google.... I'll be all right. But it would be great! ;D)

    1. Oh, but actually... you NEED that entire Time-Life series. See if your library has it!!!

    2. I'm thinking that might be the case.... ;) Off to check!

  49. Hamlette,
    Quick technical question -- do my entries for those two show up for you on Rafflecopter? It didn't ask me to sign in or anything.... Is there a problem on my end?

    1. Yup! Your entries are in there.Rafflecopter puts cookies on your computer and will remember you unless you deliberately sign out.

      And aye-aye on the fact that you have no second choices :-)

  50. 1-Fear is the Key by Alistair MacLean
    2-Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian

  51. 1-Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet blank book
    2-leather blank book

  52. The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson
    Damon Runyon Favorites

  53. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
    The West End Horror by Nicholas Meyer

  54. Oh my goodness! Hamlette, this is an amazingly generous giveaway! I will be back next week to data is pretty much used up and I will have more next week - yay!
    Much love!

    1. Understandable, Kelly-Anne! It's open through the end of Wednesday, the 24th, so you've got time :-)

  55. I would love to win the blank leather journal book. :) Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!
    Hope you check out my blog and follow by email!

  56. For the blank books, I would choose the leather first and Shakespeare second.

  57. Wow! So many books! It's as if you opened a treasure chest and offered us some of the treasure.
    Adventure: Where Eagles Dare. I've been wanting to read this book for a while. I think a movie was made about this book, and Richard Burton is in it.
    Classic: Dear Enemy
    Mystery: And be a Villain
    Poetry: The Selected Poetry of Keats
    Westerns: Gunfighters of the Old West. This was a hard choice, but real stories won out over fiction. I knew the Virginian was a show, but I didn't know there was a book.
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! :)

  58. Oh Hamlette! I have to say again...what a fantastic giveaway! In case you're wondering, I am commenting using my sister's apologies:) It just so happens she uses my email address for her blog...and I use my dad's - long story:)

    In the 'Classics' category, I would LOVE North and South by E. Gaskell...second choice would be Dear Enemy by Jean Webster:)
    And in the blank books category, I would love the one with the leather bound cover:)

    Thank you for a chance to win!
    Have a great day!


  59. Hello! I'm sorry it's taken me so long! I wanted to let you know you've won Madeline Takes Command! If you could comment and give me your e-mail address on my blog, I wouldn't publish it since all my comments are moderated. :) From there I'll e-mail you so I can get your mailing address! Thank you for understanding and for hosting this great giveaway!!

    God bless,


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