Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Women Read-Along: Castles in the Air (Ch. 13)

I don't usually do GIFs, but this is my favorite Laurie moment in the 1994,
and he's so mischievous here that I had to include it.

The beginning of this chapter was supposed to make me think frowningly about how badly behaved Laurie had been, but I have to admit it made me laugh instead, when I got to the part where he had "frightened the maidservants half out of their wits by mischievously hinting that one of his dogs was going mad" (p. 124).  That just brings all sorts of hilarious images to my mind.

But anyway, he discovers the March girls have a Busy Bee Society he hasn't been invited to, and they say they've been doing this for quite a while... so why is this day the first time he's noticed them going off in their old hats to play pilgrims?  Hmmmmmm.

I find it interesting that of all the castles they've built in the air, the only one who gets what she wants is Beth.  And what she wants is what she already has -- she is "perfectly satisfied" (p. 128) with her life.  

By the end of the chapter, Laurie has been soothed out of his "mood" and resolves secretly to "let my castle go, and stay with the dear old gentleman while he needs me, for I am all he has" (p. 131).  And that makes me love Laurie all the more -- much more than his mischievousness or his high spirits or his eagerness to please the girls earlier.

Favorite Lines:

"You'd have nothing but horses, inkstands, and novels in yours," answered Meg petulantly.

Possible Discussion Questions:

If they'd achieved their castles in the air, which of them (not including Beth) do you think would be the happiest?  Would any of them be happy?


  1. Haha! That gif...;)

    *sob* Dear Beth.

    Hmm...I think Jo would have been reasonably happy if she'd achieved her castle in the air. But not, of course, as happy as she is with what actually happens;)

    1. I agree. I think Meg would be bored, and Amy would be perpetually dissatisfied, and Laurie... would pretend he was happy. But Jo would enjoy her castle.

  2. So many dreams... But who hasn't imagined big wonderful scenarios that they deep down know will never happen? I guess that's why it's called dreaming.

    Sweet Beth, so content with her life..

    And that ending where Laurie decides to let his castle go was so touching, and makes me love him so much.

    1. Rose, that's very true -- I still daydream about things like being a published, respected author.

      But that ending... wow, I was a Laurie fan before, but this makes me really love him!


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