Wednesday, June 25, 2014

LOTR Read-Along: Homeward Bound (ROTK Ch. 17)

Only two chapters left!!!  We just might finish this book by the end of June.  Huzzah!

Poor Frodo and his afterpains on the anniversary of his Weathertop stabbing.  I'm so glad they didn't last long.  But they're such a great reminder that even after a war is over, the warriors who go home don't leave the pain and sorrows behind them.  None of the heroes here seems to have PTSD exactly, but Frodo is certainly more troubled by his experiences than the others.  I'm sure this section resonates with any returning soldier, and it reminds me especially of one of my favorite movies, The Best Years of Our Lives.  

When Frodo asks Gandalf, "Where shall I find rest?" (p. 967), Gandalf doesn't answer.  Obviously he knows Frodo really won't find rest in the Shire, and I think Frodo at this point is beginning to accept that fact.  And I find this so miserably unfair, that a person who gave so much of himself to save the whole world -- including the Shire -- is now unable to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  Very true-to-life and all that, but still, grrrrrrrr.

Favorite Lines:

...Gandalf with his white beard, and the light that seemed to gleam from him, as if his blue mantle was only a cloud over sunshine (p. 973).

Possible Discussion Questions:

Frodo says that coming home to the Shire "feels like falling asleep again," while Merry says everything they've seen and done seems like a dream (p. 974).  Do you think that's because of a difference in their experiences, their personalities, or both?

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