Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Zorro" by Isabel Allende

I finished reading Zorro, by Isabel Allende, this week. It was amazing! As in, I wish I'd written it myself. I love books that make me feel that way, they keep me inspired to keep writing my own stuff. 

This has one of those plots where all sorts of little things that happen along the way keep coming in handy or becoming important later on. It's long and a little rambly, but in a good "what's gonna happen next?" way. Every time one adventure kind of winds down, another one starts up, so I kept wanting to read more and more and never stop. Plus, it's got pirates in it too, which I was not expecting. Unanticipated piratery is always good ;-) 

The voice of the novel is great too, like some friend of yours is telling you all the stuff that happened when they went on a vacation. Only they had a fun and fascinating vacation, not the kind where you spend most of the time in the car trying to get somewhere interesting. I think I might actually buy my own copy of this book, I liked it that well.

(Originally posted on Inscriptions on Jan 24, 2006.)

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